The Vitamin Shoppe Raspberry Ketone Review

Vitamin Shoppe, a leader online health store with over 600 store in the US and recent expansion in Canada and Panama, has its own range of quality dietary supplements.

Raspberry Ketone is one that definitely stands out from their collection as it contains 100mg Raspberry Ketones (STD. TO 4% ELLAGIC ACID 4MG).

More importantly, it’s a supplement suitable for people allergic to Soy, Gluten, Diary and Yeast.

The Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe is a favorite for Americans as it’s a known, established and trusted health product vendor and developer. The company strives to offer high quality, safe supplements that promotes the health of people.

As the company asserts, their goal is to accompany people in their wellness and health efforts.

Raspberry Ketone is part of Vitamin Shoppe’s own range of products and it’s a worthwhile supplement to consider if you want to lose weight safely, quickly and without experiencing any side effects.

Raspberry Ketone Ingredients

Its simple yet effective formula contains 100mg of Raspberry Ketone for weight loss promotion. This is a standardized dose of Raspberry Ketone that has up to 4% Ellagic Acid ( 4MG).

Ellagic acid is a natural phenol antioxidant that’s commonly found in strawberries, raspberries and blackberries according to WebMD.

Its antioxidant properties have been the subject of wide speculation.

how you can lose weightIt is argued by several medical communities that ellagic acid could be a powerful ally in the struggle for cancer prevention and its purported health benefits are the subject of numerous studies at the moment. However no substantial evidence has been discovered to assert these theories yet.

It is nonetheless certain that ellagic acid has a potent antioxidant power and reduces oxidative stress.

Side Effects

Vitamin Shoppe doesn’t mention anything regarding the side effects of their supplement Raspberry Ketone. They however advice that nursing, pregnant women, and individuals with any chronic condition need to first consult their physician before using it.


In 13 reviews on Vitamin Shoppe, the supplement has an accumulated rating of 4 and a half stars as proof of its effectiveness.

The following is a typical review by a customer who tried it,

“So I bought this product a week ago and was skeptical after reading reviews online. But I also knew that I wasn’t taking other medications with this product much like others users said which I personally thought might be a reason why it didn’t work for them, so I said to myself “why not just try it for $10?” I’ve only been on it for 7 days and I’ve lost 7 pounds! ”

Negative reviews also exist, reporting poor results or no results at all.

You should always keep in mind that supplements don’t work in the same way for everyone so it’s only expected that some people are not satisfied.

Should I buy Vitamin Shoppe Raspberry Ketone?

buy raspberry ketone nowDefinitely. If you want an affordable, safe Raspberry Ketone supplement that contains 100mg of Raspberry Ketone goodness then this might be the pill for you.

A single bottle last for two months and it’s at the value price of $9.99.

One would argue however that this could be a product where you get what you pay for. But it’s definitely worth trying.

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