Raspberry Ketone Ultra Review

Ketone Ultra is a raspberry ketone weight loss product that is unique in several ways. This supplement provides a whopping 500 mg of raspberry ketones when taken twice a day as the manufacturer suggests. Secondly, the product contains natural ingredients not found in other similar weight loss supplements.

Raspberry Ketone Ultra At A Glance

  • Very powerful formula – mix of best natural ingredients (acai berry incl.)
  • High dosage of ketones – 500 mg per supply
  • Made In USA in FDA-registered lab
  • Brand featured in the news


  • Unverifiable testimonials
  • Lack of 3rd party info on the brand

Ketone Ultra Ingredients

Raspberry Ketones – 500 mg with suggested use of 1 capsule twice a day. Some research shows raspberry ketones increase the production of adiponectin which is a hormone. Adiponectin plays an important function with metabolism regulation and ultimately causing weight loss.

Green Tea – 400 mg which is more than can be found in other raspberry ketone products. Green tea extract produces an effect called thermogenesis which means it burns stored fat. Compounds known as catechins burn calories and affect to reduce LDL cholesterol which is the unhealthy type of cholesterol. The extract also helps with blocking carbohydrate absorption.

Pomegranate – Ketone Ultra provides 25 mg of this powerful antioxidant. As with most natural super foods, pomegranate offers a list of benefits mostly centered on improving cardiovascular health. The polyphenol antioxidants can increase blood flow to the heart according to research studies.

Other studies have shown pomegranate to have anti-atherogenic capability. That effect refers to stopping plaque build-up in blood vessels. The overall net effect is to increase circulation which will help fight fatigue, remove toxins from the body which will support weight loss efforts.

Blueberries – 25 mg of the fruit in every daily dose offers more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection. The benefit seems to be associated with improving heart health since inflammation has been implicated with heart disease as well as age-related degenerative conditions.

acai berriesAcai Berry – 25 mg of this popular weight loss super food gives even more daily antioxidant intake. Acai is also a rich source of vitamins, minerals and various amino acids. A proven metabolism booster with the ability to suppress appetite while flushing out toxins makes this a powerful ingredient.

Raspberry (whole fruit) – There are 25 mg of the whole fruit which is rich in antioxidants and other valuable phytonutrients. One notable constituent is ellagic acid which is a powerful antioxidant for maintaining cell integrity. Other properties include anthocyanins which give protection from fungi and bacteria.

Ketone Ultra is made in accordance with the industry standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in a US FDA (Food & Drug Association) laboratory. So that provides some good degree of credibility for this product.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With This Supplement?

The website states 30 pounds can be shed in 30 days. Such claims are common in the world of weight loss products, and on a side note you have to follow strict diet and exercising regimen for fat loss results (as it’s stated on the official website footer).

However, the array of fat burning, metabolism-boosting ingredients make startling results more believable.

The company behind Ketone Ultra, KPN Group, of Blaine, USA, asserts their product is apart from other raspberry ketone diet supplements. Their blend provides superior, safer and faster fat burning ability with proven appetite suppressing power.

ingredients list

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Ketone Ultra Side Effects

Some people may not be able to tolerate 500 mg of raspberry ketone on a daily basis or even taking that amount once. There are important considerations such as pre-existing medical conditions.

Some known precautions are for those with heart conditions, diabetes, and patients on prescription medication for those and related conditions. As always, talk to your doctor first before taking a raspberry ketone weight loss product.

If you are not under the above mentioned conditions though, you can safely take this dietary supplement.

Media Attention

news featureKetone Ultra official website shows a video of a 25FPBF news episode which allegedly featured Raspberry Ketone Ultra supplement in a story where stay-at-home mom lost 30 pounds in 30 days by pairing healthy diet, raspberry ketones and exercising routine.

Such results are obviously used as a selling point for this brand, but you need to note that results are not typical and depend on your personal physique and heath conditions.

The testimonials shown on the website as “video feedback” from customers are not clickable and don’t appear to be valid.

Is It Recommended As a Ketone Source?

Despite the lack of 3rd party sources of customer feedback and on-site testimonials that don’t appear to be left by real customers, the brand does adhere to the transparent business and discloses their label with exact proprietary formula.

Formula itself is indeed unique and aimed at massive fat loss support, with a number of very powerful sources of ketones, including blackberries and acai berry.

Overall, Ketone Ultra can be recommended as a proven weight loss aid that may provide other health benefits as well.

Where To Purchase?

buy nowYou can order the product on the official website http://www.ketoneultra.com where it seems to be in stock. It’s not available at the high street stores such as Wallmart or anywhere else.

Each order is covered with 45 days money-back guarantee for all unopened bottles.

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