Raspberry Ketone Plus™ Review

Raspberry Ketone Plus™ is the most popular and effective natural weight loss supplement in the UK for men and women. This particular brand, developed by UK-based Evolution Slimming, has also staked a claim in the US, Australia, Canada and a handful of European countries.

Nothing in the weight loss supplement world is as powerful as word-of-mouth advertising. When something works, people are happy to share their positive results with friends and family.

The exclusive formula in Raspberry Ketone Plus™ was developed in Canterbury, Kent by Evolution Slimming. No stranger to slimming and weight management products, Evolution Slimming is known for developing best-in-class diet supplements. Indeed, their products are the most popular and trusted health and weight loss supplements in the UK.

Raspberry Ketone Plus™ Ingredients

Raspberry Ketone Plus™ gives an extra 1-2 punch with added antioxidants and super-foods for weight loss, overall health and free radical protection.

African Mango – Studies reveal the powerful extract can be beneficial for losing weight and decreasing serum cholesterol.

Acai Berry – This world-famous Amazon fruit has been known for hundreds of years to impart healing properties and boost stamina and energy levels. Extensively studied, this super-food helps for weight loss and managing optimum weight.

Green Tea Extract – This tea has been used for thousands of years in Asia because of the many health benefits. The special natural substances are catechins which stimulate the burning of calories thus decreasing body fat.

apple cider vinegar substanceApple Cider Vinegar – A health-giving substance used for centuries as it works for suppressing appetite and helps control blood sugar. The effects on blood sugar are due to apple cider vinegar’s ability to reduce the glycemic index of food. This substance is known for having anti-fungal properties which may be helpful for candida infections. Candida sufferers often crave carbohydrates which could be a factor for gaining weight.

Resveratrol – This plant compound belongs to a class known as polyphenols1 and has been studied for many years. Polyphenols are also powerful antioxidants and the list of positive effects of resveratrol is extensive.

In one study, mice were given resveratrol and fed a diet high in calories. The treated mice out-lived their counterparts on the same diet without resveratrol. The treated mice showed no health problems related to obesity. Resveratrol’s effect was similar to restricting calories in the diet.

How Raspberry Ketone Plus™ Works

Raspberry ketone contains the protein hormone, adiponectin, which plays an important role in the breakdown of fatty acids and glucose (blood sugar) level regulation. Studies have shown that levels of this hormone have an opposite relationship with percentage of body fat in adults. That is to say, high body fat means less adiponectin and vice versa.

Research at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine2, in the US, showed adiponectin affects the brain in such a way to reduce weight. The hormone can produce weight loss by increasing metabolism without an increase in appetite.

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Dosage and Recommendations

opened bottleThere are no scientific studies to support the optimum dosage for raspberry ketone. However, knowledgeable diet experts generally recommend at least 100 mg to 200 mg per day. There are good reasons to start on a smaller dosage and then build from there.

The Institute for Optimum Nutrition3 states raspberry ketone daily doses exceeding 200mg “could pose a danger for those with underlying health conditions.” Examples of such health conditions include high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The Institute for Optimum Nutrition is a UK-based independent, not-for-profit organization with the goal of increasing the knowledge and practice of healthy, optimum nutrition. You can visit their website here: http://www.ion.ac.uk/about_ion

Raspberry ketone contains the powerful substances adiponectin and norepinephrine both of which affect metabolism. Adiponectin will process excess blood sugar which will raise metabolism and provide extra energy. Norepinephrine acts to increase heart rate and other metabolic processes. So it is wise to start small and monitor effects.

Media Highlights

Rapsberry Ketone Plus is the only supplement brand that has officially been featured in the Fox News Channel. It’s a definite sign of top-quality product from a trusted well-established company.

As we analysed lots of raspberry supplements online, almost all of them are using their brand as “featured by Dr. Oz” which is a total hype and misleading claim – Dr. Oz talks about raspberries extract as a substance and never biases towards any particular brand.

As a proof, here’s the actual episode from Fox News, watch it below:

Overall Verdit – Is It Recommended?

There are compelling reasons supporting Raspberry Ketone Plus™ for losing weight and managing healthy weight levels.

  • Raspberry Ketone Plus™ is the official brand featured on US Fox News
  • Safe recommended daily dose of 200mg
  • Product is made from GMP (Good Manufacturing Process Standard) highest quality ingredients.
  • Formula is non-proprietary and ingredients are available on the bottle label.

Best Place To Buy Raspberry Ketone Plus

You can order the supplement direct from the official online store Evolution-Slimming.com. The store has stocks in the UK and USA, but if you live in other country, it will be shipped to you with no hassles.

The prices start from just $ 31 per 1-month supply. 2-month supply sells for $ 58, 3-months or Ketone Plus cost $ 84. There are options to buy RaspberryKetones Plus in combination with DetoxPlus colon cleanser tablets, which reduces prices for both supplements.

Evolution-Slimming online store is currently the only place where you can buy Raspberry Ketone Plus, and your every order comes with a tracking number, discreet international shipping and money-back guarantee. The billing is 100% safe and transparent, as no “free-trial” shady schemes are used and the company abides by the best business practices.

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