Raspberry Ketone Advanced Review

Raspberry Ketone Advanced is another Raspberry option you have if you want to lose weight. Among several Raspberry pills why choose this one though?

Mainly because it works.

Raspberry Ketone Advanced At A Glance

  • Positive testimonials and customer feedback
  • A 100% natural formula
  • No known side effects
  • 100mg of Raspberry Ketone
  • Other top superfriut ingredients for maximum fat loss

This is a dietary supplement developed by UK-based company Slimming.com. The company is new in the Health and Fitness market but it’s creating a buzz with its well-designed, efficiency-centered supplements.

Raspberry Ketone Advanced is no exception; this pill consists of a superfruit formula that combines the weight loss capacity of several fruit and extracts besides Raspberry Ketone.

In the 1,200mg of Raspberry Ketone blend you also get Grapefruit powder, Acai Fruit, Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol, Caffeine, Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, African Mango and Kelp powder.

These ingredients are not randomly selected as you will soon realize.


Raspberry Ketone ► Prevents fat formation and storing in your body. It also burns fat by better regulation of the adiponectin hormone.

African Mango ►Found to improve leptin function, the hormone associated with obesity

Kelp ► This is a powerhouse of antioxidant1 activity and it’s rich in other nutrients to help your body function properly during the weight loss process

Resveratrol ► an antioxidant-rich ingredient that promotes anti-aging and other health benefits

Grapefruit Powder ► promotes satiety and reduces calorie intake and hunger cravings

Green Tea ► a known, proven fat burner that also speeds up your metabolism

Caffeine ► a stimulant to increase your energy levels and improve clarity and focus, it’s also an exercise booster

Acai Berry ► boosts your metabolism, provides numerous nutrients to your body and promotes fat oxidation too

ingredients included

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Take A Close Look At Exact Formula

Here’s the exact supplement’s ingredient contents:

supplement's sheet

Side Effects?

You’re probably thinking, with so many ingredients, this supplement must have plenty of side effects.

This is far from true. Raspberry Ketone Advanced is a 100% natural formula and doesn’t harm your body or health in any way. On the contrary it helps you reach your ideal weight through fat loss and a boosted metabolism.

People with caffeine sensitivity though, should be more careful with their daily caffeine intake to ensure they don’t get caffeine associated symptoms like restlessness, jitters, fidgeting and insomnia.

Other than that and if you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the Ketone Advanced formula, you can safely take two pills once a day as advised by the developer.

Customer Feedback

A quick proof of the pill’s effectiveness and safety of use is the testimonials page on the official brand site. A reviewer named Kristy gives the dietary supplement a 5-star rating and comments,

“I would like to say thank you to Ben who took my order over the phone. He was very helpful and answered all of my questions. It is nice that you offer a good service and I hope that the product matches the service provided. Regards, Christine”

Another reviewer, Joanna, gives the pill a 4-star review and reports,

“Great service

After trying for a month and losing around 5 pounds, I have just ordered my second bottle. Again the service was fast and discreet……let’s hope the weight loss continues”

Is Raspberry Ketone Advanced Recommended?

So why bother with this exact brand, when there are so many out there? For a couple of reasons actually, as Raspberry Advanced:

→ Made in the UK

→ Outstanding customer support

→ Reliable fast shipping and,

→ Great prices with nonstop running discounts

If you want to assist your body in its efforts to lose weight don’t solely rely on exercising and dieting. Integrate Raspberry Advanced and you will get to your weight loss goals much faster.

Stores To Buy Raspberry Ketone Advanced In the UK

buy hereThe product is available at the UK online store Slimming.com, where you can get 1-month supply for ₤29.95 and lower if you order bulk packages. 3 or 4-month supplies are the most preferred choice as people are assured in the supplement effectiveness, plus they save up to ₤94.53 off retail price.

The product is shipped worldwide so no matter where you live in the UK, Europe or USA, you will get it shipped to your door.

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