How Raspberry Ketones Promote Weight Loss

Raspberry ketones and the weight loss products containing it have been all over the media for several years. Of course, we all know this substance is an extract from red raspberries. Most websites selling this type of product provide scant information on how raspberry ketones promote weight loss. This article will remedy that with a more in-depth discussion on this important topic.

The Most Important Result of Taking Raspberry Ketone

You most likely have encountered the term, adiponectin, if you have visited enough raspberry ketone weight loss supplement websites. Adiponectin is a protein hormone that is stimulated to be produced by raspberry ketone. It essentially regulates various metabolic processes.

The hormone is produced in adipose tissue and secreted directly into the blood stream. Adipose tissue contains fat, or it can simply be thought of as stored fat.


In non-scientific terms, the overall effect of higher levels of adiponectin is to boost the body’s ability to burn fat and help with regulating blood sugar levels. This hormone acts to suppress metabolic dysfunctions that may result in obesity, Type 2 diabetes, arterial plaque build-up and fatty liver disease not caused by alcoholism.

It is interesting to note that women have higher levels of adiponectin than men. Research shows levels are greatly increased with weight reduction. Also, hormone levels are much less in diabetics.

Research You May Have Never Heard About

Research conducted at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine(1) and published in 2004 showed adiponectin caused weight loss without adverse effects on appetite. Interestingly, this research is never mentioned on any raspberry ketone diet supplement websites.

This research was conducted on animals. Furthermore, they showed that part of the way adiponectin works is it acts on the brain to decrease body weight. The approach used was to inject adiponectin directly into the brain via cerebrospinal fluid. Researchers observed an increase in metabolism but no change at all in food intake. The implication is there was no suppression of appetite.

Appetite Suppression, Metabolic Rate & The Starvation Effect

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Results with Raspberry Ketone Max

Some ketones supplements have additional ingredients to suppress appetite. The idea is to get greater and faster results. But it is worth remembering the effect of less food (or calorie) intake as it concerns metabolic rate. Humans are hard-wired to go into economy mode during times of less food availability, or starvation.

When food is not as plentiful, our body naturally (and automatically) lowers metabolic rate to conserve energy. So you may want to consider the effects of forcing your body to have a higher metabolic rate when suppressing appetite makes it want to lower it.

This also highlights the difficulties many dieters have when they starve themselves, or simply eat much less. There are short-term positive effects, but it gets harder as the body naturally slows metabolic rate. Raspberry ketone (adiponectin) may be an ideal approach since adiponectin does not affect appetite.

You will see claims about raspberry ketones that it boosts metabolism. That claim may be based on the scientific fact that raspberry ketone will increase norepinephrine levels. Simply put, norepinephrine is related to adrenaline and higher amounts will increase metabolic rate. There is an important distinction to be kept in mind concerning appetite suppression and metabolic rate.