How Raspberry Ketone Helps You Lose Weight

ketone in raspberryThere has been a lot of buzz online lately concerning raspberry ketone and its ability to make you lose weight. While my article is not about its magical powers, am going to explain the science behind this extract and how it works. You will find the explanation quite convincing in the end.

First, let me explain that raspberry ketone is the chemical ingredient that is responsible for the distinct smell found in raspberries. The same raspberry ketone chemical can be found in other related fruits such as cranberries and blackberries.

It is this one chemical among the combination of many that has been seen to have some properties that aid in weight loss.


Adiponectin is a protein hormone that has been seen to block the action of insulin, increase body metabolism and spur the breakdown of fatty acids.

This protein is also produced by the body through the adipose tissue. It has been seen that obese and overweight people have less of this hormone while lean people have more of it. Raspberry ketone has been seen to stimulate the production of the same from the body. When this happens, it gives people looking to lose weight the ‘ammunition’ that the body needs to burn fat.

Adiponectin has been seen to reverse the action of insulin. For those who do not know, insulin is responsible for converting blood glucose to fat. When this action is blocked by adiponectin, it means little or no fat is stored in the body.

People with diabetes type 2 have been seen to have less of this hormone which correlates with their high blood sugar. This shows that there is indeed a relation between the protein and conversion of glucose to fats.

By taking raspberry ketone, the body produces more adiponectin that helps stop production of fat, type 2 diabetes, among other related illnesses. It has also been seen to increase the breakdown of already stored fatty acids and this has a direct impact in helping one lose the already accumulated body weight.


Norepinephrine is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps relay communication to the brain and consequently trigger various activities in the body. It works in conjunction with the adrenaline helping provide the body with extra energy. This is done by increasing blood flow and burning body fat among other things.

boost metabolic rateRaspberry ketone has been seen to trigger the production of this hormone. When norepinephrine is produced, the body goes into overdrive, breaking down fats and increasing the metabolism to produce as much energy as possible. An increase in metabolism is important because it means once you start taking the raspberry ketone, what you eat will be broken down much faster than before. The increased energy levels should help one undertake more activity than before and be more productive.

When you consider the action of adiponectin and norepinephrine, the results are fast and thorough, stopping the storage of fat and burning the rest.

This vigorous fat-burning action is perhaps what led Dr. Oz to call it a ‘fat-burner in a bottle’. The action of both adiponectin and norepinephrine has been confirmed to work and to be present in raspberry ketone.

If you want to lose weight, raspberry ketone extract will provide you with everything you need to go through that process. If you wish to incorporate exercise you will enjoy the extra energy that will help you do that with less strain.