Facts About Raspberry Ketone

losing weight with raspberriesThere has been a lot discussed about raspberry ketone so it can be confusing to differentiate what is true and what isn’t. By outlining the facts about raspberry ketone, anyone looking for valid information about this weight loss product can make an informed decision.

For one, raspberry ketone is not exclusive to the raspberry fruit. It’s also found cranberries and blackberries. It’s an organic compound that helps make up the smell of the raspberries. Prior to becoming popular for weight loss, raspberry ketone was used to make flavorings, food coloring and perfumes.

Another fact about raspberry ketone is that one cannot get the required amount of the extract by just eating the fruit alone. As explained in the Dr. Oz show, one would have to eat 90 pounds of fruit just to get the same dosage. As such, taking the extract is the only way to lose weight with raspberry ketone.

Raspberry ketone has been tested severally. The publicly known tests were in 2005 and 2011. The first test showed that raspberry ketone has an effect on burning fat cells. The second test showed similar results and showed that raspberry ketone brought about production of adiponectin. The two tests were observed on obese mice.

Adiponectin is a protein produced by the body. In the said tests, it has been seen to help block the action of insulin in converting blood glucose to fat. The body stores excess energy as fat for later retrieval. Taking of raspberry ketone extract has been seen to bring about increased production levels of this protein.

Once released into the body, adiponectin interferes with insulin’s action on fat production. This causes an increase in blood sugar which may bring about bouts of increased energy levels.

Adiponectin also triggers production of norepinephrine. This neurotransmitter is responsible for initiating processes that get the body ready to use a lot of energy (when adrenaline is released into the body). Among these is the burning of visceral fat to produce energy. This further helps in the burning of body fat to lose weight.

Raspberry ketone is not harmful. It is tested and approved by the Food and Drug administration. It has also been backed by research and medical practitioners thereby giving it all the credibility that is needed. Furthermore, in the many years of its use, there has never been a case to lead to it being called unsafe; otherwise it would be off the shelves.

Raspberry ketone is not expensive. Depending on which brand you purchase, the extract sells for around $20. At this price for a monthly subscription, it is affordable to everyone.

Raspberry ketone is the most popular weight loss supplement in the market right now. There are millions of other overweight and obese people taking it and benefitting from its effects.

The benefits of raspberry ketone are gradual. Since people’s bodies are different, the fat loss process will also differ. On average, one can lose 8 pounds within a month. Some may lose more and others may lose less depending on one’s eating and other lifestyle habits.

Raspberry ketone can be combined with other weight loss methods such as exercise for faster results. This is recommended to boost the weight loss process and get you to your target faster.

People with known ailments should consult their health providers before embarking on raspberry ketone.

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