Effectiveness of Raspberry Ketones Drops

So many people around the world who want to lose weight have at least heard of raspberry ketones. In fact, most websites offer the familiar form in pills and capsules. After all, most people prefer to stick with what is familiar. But it is a fair question to ask about the effectiveness of raspberry ketone drops. There is a fair amount of research behind both liquid and pill or capsule effectiveness.

liquids vs pillsAside from questions regarding effectiveness, there are other less scientific reasons why some people prefer the liquid form of a supplement or medicine. Some people have a hard time swallowing capsules/pills. Also, liquid forms of supplements (and medicine) require a weaker concentration of the main ingredient. So that lowers the cost of the individual purchase.

Absorption Rate Research Results

Research1 has shown the percentage of absorption for the main ingredient via different delivery methods. For example, pills/tablets have the lowest absorption at only about 10%. Capsules come in at 20%.

There is a large gap for liquids and spray, which is ultimately a liquid, after pills and capsules. Sublingual delivery, via a dropper, has absorption of about 50%. The greatest percentage, other than a direct shot with a needle, is the intraoral spray with around 95%.

But you also need to know there are various factors that affect absorption percentages.

  • The presence of buffers
  • Whether or not they are time-released
  • Nutrient quality
  • Presence of other nutrients

Since you are interested in raspberry ketones for weight loss, let’s make a point about what to look for when you are shopping. The brand of raspberry ketone drops will be important because some manufacturers use fillers and binders. The presence of these substances may slow the rate of absorption.

Higher quality supplements will clearly state that no added fillers or binders are present. Pills, on the other hand, will almost certainly contain these extra additives. The reason is pills are compressed powders and additives are necessary to produce the pill form.

Why Raspberry Ketone Liquid/Sprays Are More Effective

  • Usually made with fresher ingredients
  • Higher absorption rate
  • Easier to ingest – ingredients are not compressed
  • Gets into system faster
  • Smaller dose needed to get the same effect as with pills
  • No binders or fillers needed since it is not in powder form

Why Pills May Be Less Effective for Delivery

  • Much lower rate of absorption
  • Higher rate of digestion due to ingredient compression
  • Ingredients are usually not fresh since powder is easier to store
  • Ingredients are compressed (powders) and require binders, buffers and fillers
  • Binders, buffers and fillers slow digestion of pill ingredients
  • Reduced bioavailability of target ingredient due to use of binders, fillers and buffers

As you can see, there are many reasons why the effectiveness of raspberry ketone drops is greater than pills or capsules. The research confirms this, and this type of research was done before raspberry ketones hit the market. Not only should you consider the liquid form for weight loss supplements but also for vitamins, as well.