Advantages of Raspberry Ketone

There are many advantages to raspberry ketone and this has made it take the top position as a fat-burning supplement in the US, Europe and other parts of the world. Here am only going to discuss some of them because I can’t discuss all fully. These advantages are what has set raspberry ketone apart from other remedies and brought about an increased demand for this product.

Scientific research

There have been several tests conducted by different independent groups going back. These tests have shown that there is indeed a correlation between raspberry ketone and burning of visceral fat in the body.

In 2005, a study was conducted in Japan to see the effect of raspberry ketone on mice. The mice used had been fattened prior to the test. Over the duration of the test, the mice were seen to reduce body fat especially that around the organs.

In 2010, another similar test was conducted in Korea. This time the test aimed to look closer at how raspberry ketone was aiding in weight loss. The same study used obese mice fed on raspberry ketone over the duration of weeks. The end result was similar to the earlier one. The mice shed weight by the end of the test duration. On examination of the fat cells, it was seen that raspberry ketone had a positive effect on break down of fats and increasing the body metabolism. The increased production of adiponectin from the fat cells was noted too, helping shed more light into the success of raspberry ketone.

raspberry ketones

Medical research

We can all say we recognize Dr. Oz’s strong recommendation for the raspberry ketone. As a medical practitioner with many years of experience and working with a strong research team, we have to acknowledge his proclamation about this extract. Besides that, the drug was already qualified for use and passed by the FDA prior to that.

According to medical findings, raspberry ketone does indeed trigger the production of adiponectin which increases the body’s metabolism and prevents production of fat in the body. It also increases the production of norepinephrine bringing about an increased burning of fat to produce energy in the body.


As stated earlier, raspberry ketone is a tested product and has been vetted by the Food and Drug Administration. No such product can be sold over the counter if the relevant regulatory bodies had not allowed it. It would be illegal for raspberry ketone to be sold if it wasn’t a safe product.

A sure way to prove the safety record of this supplement is to look at the people who have consumed it. Raspberry ketone has been in circulation for a minimum of five years. Within that period of time, there has not been any case of health risks reported. The same compound used in the production of the weight loss extract is also used to flavor ice cream and cakes anyway. In fact, it was already in use for these purposes before becoming popular for fat loss.

More energy

Due to the increased metabolism, people taking raspberry ketone experience high energy levels. This is brought about by the burning of fat which breaks down the fat cells to produce energy. The same is amplified by the fact that adiponectin hinders conversion of fat by insulin. This leaves a lot of blood sugar in the system. These reported high energy levels are a plus to those who feel inactive due to the accumulated weight on their bodies.